Mindful Mindset was created in 2012 by Graeme Green.

Graeme is a personable and highly engaging trainer and personal coach. His approach places the individual at the heart of their own learning and development experience. He has over 25 practical experience of team development and leadership in the London Reinsurance market place leading teams charged with delivering robust business facing operational services.

Graeme has a highly versatile style which adapts to circumstance. He has delivered in locations as varied as Boardrooms, MBA programmes, to a group of Execs in a car park outside of a Katmandu hotel.

Mindful Mindset is frequently engaged to deliver work involving the development of self-awareness and wellbeing. Its core areas of expertise being Emotional and Social Intelligence, Resilience, Stress awareness and handling, including Mindfulness practices.

As a coach Graeme has a strong commitment to experiential and somatic learning approaches. This reflects “how we are” as a significant influence over individual effectiveness and performance.

Mindful Mindset also provides a Mental Health First Aider training as Graeme is a registered trainer with MHFA England. It also provided mindfulness based services to the mental health charity MIND for around 5 years leading up to the COVID lock-downs.

A lot of the business's work is as a freelances associate trainer with experience beyond his specialities such as general leadership and management, as well topics such Coaching in the workplace, Project Management and Commercial skills.

Graeme also provides Equine Facilitated Interaction services and facilitator training with Athena Herd Foundation.