Equine Facilitated Interactions


The Mindful Horse is a trading name of Mindful Mindset, and Graeme Green has been delivering Equine Facilitated Interactions since 2010. The Mindful Horse has worked both in the UK and abroad with groups as diverse as Corporate Exec teams and Young People in Referral Units.

The work produces consistently positive feedback both in terms of the its insight and effectiveness, for example to cite an executive coach from a recent event: "The horse's behaviour taught me just how much the intention, posture and conviction I adopt impacts those around me..... From my work as a coach, I can tell you that these sorts of realisations can sometimes take leaders months to arrive at. The horse managed it in about 90 minutes!"

Graeme now works from a home base of Athena, near Paddock Wood in Kent, where he also provides Diploma level Practitioner training (see video below). He will also travel to deliver with other herds in other locations as clients' require.

What is Equine Facilitated Interactions?

Equine Facilitated Interactions (sometimes called Equine Facilitated Learning or Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy) are experiential processes undertaken alongside horses. They facilitate the opportunities to model change and safely practice embodied difference in mindset and behaviour.

Alongside horses there is an awareness of "how others see us" because they reflect how we show up. Without judgement they honestly and authentically provide insight into how others' experience us. By understanding how we are and regulating ourselves we develop the foundation of empathic awareness, and the building of effective relationships.

Experiential Learning

We work with the horse as a metaphor for our own challenges. The experience of change or difference that occurs in the sessions is compared in debrief to meaningful challenge in the workplace or personal life.

The process represents the ultimate experiential 360° appraisal, reflecting how we are. They provide a running commentary on our mindset, demeanour and behaviour. When we decide to act or to shift the way we are, then their honest and immediate commentary comes with us.

Why work with horses?

The nature of the horse – a herd based, flight animal – means that it has an intuitive awareness and presence. It is sensitive to its environment and consciously connected to the energies and intentions of those around it.

Around 90% of our emotional communication is non verbal. In essence our behaviour is the communication. Horses get this, and react with honesty and authentically to what presents itself before them.

The good news for potential learners is that horses do not role play. Nor do they intentionally mislead. They respond without agenda to us as we are. The experiential learning opportunity here arises when we change, or display difference.

Quite simply when we do, they do!

“Graeme is a unique facilitator who is so in tune with horses, it has no choice but to rub off on you……. The Mindful Horse shows you there is so much more to learn about you, and about your horse!”

The Mindful Horse teaches the Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma at Athena Herd


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