Mindfulness and Embodied Presence

ith nearly 10 years experience in delivering mindful led solutions we have significant experience in providing meaningful and effective coaching and training. The Mindful Mindset approach reaches beyond the breath based work of standard mindfulness programmes, working directly with embodied practices that can be engaged anywhere at anytime.

Our intention is to provide solutions that can be effectively employed, wherever necessary. Real everyday tools that can be engaged at work, rest and play.

Our effectiveness and performance dips when our minds are busy and distracted, be that with worries and overwhelming emotions or demands and challenges in our personal or professional life. It often becomes difficult to make decisions, or to be clear on what simply might be the most appropriate action at that time.

Mindfulness takes us back to our breath, and provides a means by which we can quieten the mind, and reduce the effect emotional reactions in the moment.

Mindfulness as an Embodied practice

The practice of embodied mindful movement shifts our awareness into our bodies. The gentle and deliberate movement connects us to the sensations within as we move our bodies.

The presence of breath and body provide a present means by which we can connect with, the current moment, offering escape from the distractions of our forever restless minds. Embodiment is a very effective and simple way of developing a daily mindful practice.

Working with embodied self awareness we develop not just awareness but straightforward postural techniques and movements which help us to balance or shift our emotional experience. This similarly influences how we approach and interact with others.

Some of the recognised benefits:

  • awareness of our thoughts and physical condition
  • maintaining levels of, and support for our, own personal wellbeing
  • awareness and regulation of our emotional state
  • management of personal stress levels
  • management strategies for living with chronic and long-term pain
  • deeper awareness of habitual and routine behaviours and reactions

"Since doing the course I have been reading books about being the best you can, setting goals and being positive in life. Getting what I want out of life and being who I want to be with no excuses. It has opened my eyes a lot to my life and is changing it for the better." - corporate group attendee

"Attending the group has helped me so much. I have learned techniques to help with my general anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety most of my life and was always nervous of attending a group session but I am so pleased I did. It has given me answers to questions which have been unanswered for most of my life." - private group attendee

Working with Mindful Mindset

Mindful Mindset has extensive experience delivering benefit in an all arenas and situations - be it the boardroom, the classroom or out of doors, at stables or in the countryside.

We support a very broad group of clients, working with professional teams and individuals.

A few other experiences from corporate and private engagements

"Learning not always be judgemental in my thoughts has allowed me to develop some better working relationships and complete more successful negotiations."

"The group sessions has been very helpful, listening to others experiences and comments has given me confidence to speak up."

"I always leave the group feeling recharged and empowered by what we have learnt and practised."


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