Our coaching approach and workshops are a unique blend of theory and experiential.

The six pillars of a Mindful Mindset which provides the foundation of our work (see home page) draws together ideas from neuroscience, cognitive practices, mindfulness, embodied practice and emotional intelligence.

It also recognises the social significance within everybody’s personal learning and development. Whilst our brains exist in the isolation of our skulls our minds are an active part of the network within which we live each day. What Mind knows, it learns through feedback. Such as to retract a hand from a flame, or similarly that reward often follows delivering on what is asked of us.

The right mindset

How we approach the world significantly frames how we experience the world, and so how we perform. We develop tools for our clients that connect with them with that which creates those approaches.

The need is to understand what our mind gets up to. As we develop this skill we become aware of the subtle influences of belief and mindset on our decisions, behaviour and performance. And so we connect with the deep network of reactions and habits that are triggered by them in the practice everyday life.

The concept of a Growth Mindset was first introduced by Stanford Professor, Carol Dweck, as a foundation for developing better and more resilient learning approaches. She showed how a fixed mindset constrains performance, and in many cases drives bad practice. With the Mindful Mindset approach we build the power of mindful self awareness into this model to provide real insight into these behaviours.

Here is a great video from author Matthew Syed on the real benefits of a Growth Mindset at work.

What is the approach

The heart of the process is developing an objective awareness of ourselves - this includes recognising our mindset(s) at work. We develop experiential curiosity based on embodied and mindful skills. These skills help us to see without judgement the manifestations or consequential outcomes of those influences. This facilitates the chance to then explore the need, or potent value, for shift or difference.

Stress and its role in performance

Finally we consider the chemistry of our stress reactions that arise around some of these behaviours and how that might play out for our Mental Health. More importantly we look at how we might intervene and support ourselves or others.

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Mindful Mindset has tools and approaches to support all of these elements. Follow the links in the text or email directly.

What others have said

“The topics we covered were nicely paced and were reassuringly supported with neurological/academic/theoretical premise. This resonated with me as it provided a basis of learning. Not only did I learn from yourself as leader but from the fellow participants in a welcoming and comfortable setting. It was a lovely, honest, relaxing and safe space to practice the concepts introduced to us.” – Annette

“I had a deep and connecting experience, and one that teaches me a lot around where I am sitting in my somatic training/journey. I also acknowledge that the experience is a moment in itself, that doesn’t need a label around it. So acknowledging within that, and confirming that my journey with somatics is a teacher on many levels. So I’m so happy to have been part of a rich feeling experience about relationship, community and with the energy of life.” – Duncan