Take Five


Take Five: 85% of UK adults report experiencing regular stress episodes, 39% report that it is to excessive levels.

Yet without stress we would probably achieve very little. At low levels, it motivates and calls to action. The problem today is that the experience is too often too long sustained. Many of us are carrying unhealthy levels of stress around which impacts both our personal and professional lives.

Take Five is a simple model which invites us to improve awareness of stress, and to shift our relationship with it.

Be aware…

We need to be able to recognise our stress and associated reactive behaviour. Whether this is via self-reflection or observation, or seeking peer feedback. The objective is to learn to see those situations, better still to recognise the circumstances which trigger them. To better understand ourselves, and further to understand how we impact others.


Our breath is often the first casualty of our stress reactions. It quickly becomes unbalanced or shallow, which in turn heightens the initial reaction.

Working with breath counters the effects of our limbic system, it is the most effective and accessible tool to counter our stress.

Take a moment…

We live in a time of constant demand and distraction. When do we really have time to reflect on everything that is calling upon us, let alone the real priorities. Many great business leaders advocate reflective time. How can we find this time? And what tools can we call upon to support us in our reflections?


We are social beings and are hard wired to interact with others, and as well, to offer it where needed. The sensation of being heard is incredibly important, in the act of sharing with others oxytocin is produced. Talking really does make us feel better.


Too often when stress takes hold it feels like something that we cannot escape. The act of getting up and moving can often lighten things. Stepping away from the problem.

Our bodies expect to move, inaction is itself a stressor. Moving or working our bodies is a powerful way hack the system, quite literally learning to create the mood we choose.