The Practice of Misunderstanding

I wanted to call this item “lost in translation" but in gestation it shifted to “the practice of misunderstanding”. It sort of wrote itself.
How often do the best intended messages somehow not get the response that we expected? Or our killer stories fail to hit their mark.
As a trainer and an Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner I am forever engaged with the ambiguities of communication. The horses in particular can shine a very stark light on this. I am a big believer of the compromise of information that occurs between experience and our expression, and then further “what is actually heard”.
I have blogged about this compromise before in The Lego Batman effect but I have been thinking about this much during recent training and started to think about how this then expanded in the consciousness of the recipient. Suddenly I realised what I intuitively knew, communication by word alone is flawed and loaded for confusion. In practice we are primed to misunderstand when we limit understanding to words – think about legal disputes. Also just recognise how often disagreements blow up in text and email exchanges.
If my experience is comprised in the process of me putting it into words, the likelihood of your ultimate experience of my expression being the same as my original position is essentially next to zero.
I created this image to try and express this assertion.
Think about it! Your observations are invited.

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