When we learn to watch our minds

When we learn to watch out minds

When we learn to watch our mind, we see just how much distraction it offers us. It is like we are forever open to stumbling from the path as when we walk on unsafe ground.
Loud noises, assertive others, physical sensation, bright shiny objects; the list is without end. Each offers us a different rabbit hole to descend. With each descent there are consequences, personal or social, good or bad.
When we watch our mind, we learn to see the rabbit holes. We learn to see the points of decision, those moments of otherwise unconscious choice. Most importantly when we watch our mind we can learn to shift those to conscious choices.
When we watch our mind, we can see the triggers that provoke the emotions. We can see those moments where we let loose the inappropriate reaction. When we see these for what they are we can choose. Either own them and engage consciously or shift our awareness and kindly let them go.
Even this blog was a choice. It screamed out in the stillness of my morning’s meditation, but in that moment I chose to acknowledge it. I promised it it’s voice in due time. And so now as I sip my coffee, I am offering it the chance to speak. In writing it down it has it’s voice; in letting it be heard I can let go.
When we learn to watch our mind, we learn to see things as they are. Things that arise, things that pass.
Moments that do not have to be acted on even if they seem to demand it. Moments when we can engage the best possible version of ourselves.
When we watch our mind we have a choice.

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