Welcome to the unknown

Welcome to the unknown.

This week I find myself thinking about a phrase often used when discussing Resilience or Presence, “being able to access the best and most resourceful version of ourselves in times of challenge.” It has always sounded a beautiful and important concept, but now it is reality.

Now we really do have to be able to access that best version of ourselves.

Lao Tsu is quoted as observing that “a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”. We have all just taken that step. Except none of us chose to take that step. Whether we like it or not, we are all about to travel a “thousand miles” and right now the direction is uncertain.

The world will be a different place when this is over, and as such we will need to be different people. Recognising and acknowledging these shifts is important for our resilience. Fighting or resisting expends energy, often, to little or no purpose. The best possible version of ourselves that we have talked about knows this. It understands that the best version of ourselves represents the most appropriate response to the situation.

Resilience foremost recognises ourselves. The people that we are, not the world we have created.

Resilience is community. Strength lies in community. Safety exists within our herd.

Resilience recognises those things it can influence and focuses there. Most importantly it knows that there are things that we need to let go of.

As the world changes we need to change with it.

When the world dances then we must stay in step. The universe abhors dissonance, it moves to harmonise energies. Our collective resilience lies in being in harmony with ourselves, with each other, with our community, with the environment.

I started this by saying "welcome to the unknown" - but whatever happens there are actually many more knowns. And there will remain so, wherever this journey goes. It is just the circumstances which are unfamiliar. Resilience means keeping a line of sight to those things that persist, both within and around us.

Ironically, in this time when we are being called upon to withdraw and isolate it is through acts of community that we will prevail.

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